Video that can glimpse the manufacturing process has arrived.Of frame less than two grams,rugged and flexible

Ray-Ban TECH│ Ray-Ban TechNew collection of carbon fiber sunglasses using the latest technology and innovationRay-Ban TECH Carbon Fibre Collection LaunchFrom Ray-Ban,Ray-Ban TECH Collection debut line "Carbon Fibre" of birth.While very lightweight frame,it is robust and flexible,attention in the durability of the height.Mosquitoes is one of the most advanced materialAdopt over Bonn fiberLighter than any material,was adopted carbon fiber,which boasts a high intensity "Ray-Ban TECH Carbon Fibre Collection".And a new category of Ray-Ban,which made full use of advanced technology with brandsIt debuted Te.Carbon fiber temples,made of reinforced polyester resin sheet 7 layers,five layers of the center mixes the special resin,since it is formed by compressing them into a thin sheet,keep

Many people sunglasses to maintenance,after the purchase so much attention,maybe a lot of people

It is cool Mamaserebu to casual to fit the jeans style!Up to the previous Prada (Prada) x fashionable glasses celebrities featured See also together! What brand is given to the MYKITA (Maikita)?MYKITA (Maikita) is,Moritz? Kruger,towing and two of Daniel? Hafumanzu,MYKITA (Maikita) Similarly,the trend of the metal frame ic! berlin is (Icy! Berlin) brand born Harald? Got shrink,Philip?

Also pleased to characters put in Temple and sunglasses case!In terms of how the order to be worried about

Ninety - nine of Okamura Takashi is the 25th,a comedian of popular young duo "8.6 seconds bazooka",was to appear in its own Instagram a group photo of the "Bambino".Okamura Comments and "8.6 Vino".Very happy feeling of the young entertainer four people riding in the glue comes through.From followers who,"A fun more than anything.""Trendy combination! ""I have everyone yeah face?""Rassun? Also Dyson! I love also? ""handsome,eh! "Incidentally,the "single-cool!

Air frame SWITCH (air? Frame switch) WOMENFor women,Wellington and two types of oval

Mother and child that was worrisome is,AMIPAMIPARIS (Amipari) but please try to check the official site or glasses shop! Applying here of frame at school,"Ne~ene~e,hidden'm there are illustrations in my glasses!" "For example,what what?" "Oh,Koreda!" Nante,and prime among children I will come to mind is how are up.In Oh My Glasses,it is stocks many eyeglass frame of AMIPARIS (Amipari) for adults.By all means,please try to take your hands! Glasses of release on wearable devices from Miki! Eyeglass-type information terminal us to transfer the information from the smartphone to the ambient (like air) "atmosphere glasses" was born.The wearable device was announced in Spain?

Obtain Low-cost Nike air jordan, Nike Air Greatest, Ladies Nike Shox

Low-cost Through providers Nike Sneakers 2015, Obtain Nike Air Greatest 2014 Sneakers. Presently Low-cost Air Greatest 1, air Greatest three months, air Greatest 80 Concerning Individuals. Reduce From 60% Low-cost Jordans Free of charge Shipment. Perform you intend to obtain low-cost through providers Jordan sneakers without having leaving home The next there's a source to buy your pattern products on the internet. nike air greatest 2015 Despite the fact that several web suppliers, you'll find number of suppliers that market through providers lots of products the same as T-shirt, jeans, totes, wrist watches, shades, clothes, Jordan sneakers and so on, however may be the just one. Buying differs originating from one person to a different.

3 Series dress up 1.5T three-cylinder engine

In the final analysis, 3 series and C level, A4L and other luxury brands in the temperament of the medium-sized car is different, focus on the field is not the same. In the chassis adjustment, the BMW in the new 3 Series to continue to play the most convincing housekeeping skills, while the B series engine fuel economy has improved, the noise is lower, are interested in understanding the B series engine truth welcome to send door.

Chuanqi pure electric SUV GE3

The current Shanghai auto show on the eve of the domestic media in advance to the Guangqi Chuanqi its pure electric small SUV - GE3 models of the real car. Chuanqi GE3 was originally released at 2016 North American Auto Show, the car will be officially unveiled domestic. Based on the new platform to build the Guangzhou-Guangzhou-GE3 appearance with a new design, the front face triangle with the same headlights with a triangular fog lamp design looks very unique.

Audi Q8 more information exposure to the standard sports luxury SUV models

Learned from the relevant channels, a group of Audi Q8 models of road test spy photos were exposed, which models are expected to debut in 2018. It is reported that the new car will be listed with the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe and BMW X6 partial movement of the luxury brand SUV models to compete. Audi Q8 more information exposure to the standard sports luxury SUV models Appearance, the Audi Q8 models will be used in the North American auto show debut of the blue concept of design elements. Front section, which models with an octagonal air grille and vertical banners decorated with a combination of the other headlamps and other details of the vehicle to look more obvious atmosphere.

The new Lei Ling appearance more stylish

Recently, we learned from the relevant channels, Guangzhou Toyota New Ray Ling will be April 19 during the Shanghai auto show officially unveiled.

Mazda MX-5 RF imports in 2018

Mazda MX-5 RF models were first released at 2016 New York Motor Show, the fourth-generation MX-5 folding hardtop convertible version, the effect after the convertible and Porsche 911 Targa models similar. Recently we learned from the relevant channels, Mazda MX-5 RF models will be in 2018 in the form of imports by the FAW Mazda into the domestic market sales. MX-5 RF car name in the "RF" or "retractable fastback", meaning "scalable hard top + slip back shape." Compared to soft top convertible Roadster models, MX-5 RF body lines more smooth, slippery back shape and more dynamic fit VW Polo 6R Lowering Suspension Kit.
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