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Stance Works style BMW E87

Although the front bumper M-Sport version of the M3 version has a lower air dam, but the overall shape is somewhat lazy, so the owners for it to install a 3D-Design spoiler, not for aerodynamic effect, only To appearance. In the lower end of the rear spoiler is two tail Remus mouth, compared to the original value of its decibel did not improve much in daily use but also to ensure good comfort. MX5 Adjustable Coilovers Wheels Stance Works standard is: car use no more than 19-inch wheels, body height up to 1 means that the edge of the wheel rim eyebrow spaced not more than 5MM.

Suzuki Big Dipper

Not only in Japan, there are many domestic Changhe Suzuki Big Dipper players keen to try a variety of modification techniques to modify the Big Dipper. Power conversion of part of the way, the mainstream in order to transplant the Japanese version of the Big Dipper K10T or domestic K14 engine for the bulk, and even some people K14A implant turbine systems attempt. The shape of the part, subaru impreza turbocharger it is the Big Dipper players to give full play to the imagination and creativity of a good opportunity. Founder of the "pie face" to the Big Dipper very strong plasticity, and even the Lexus (Lexus) in net transplanted to the Big Dipper.

Honda Fit 1.5T (GE8)

Comfortable handling Control systems, although not the focus of this car, but it definitely will not be ignored, according to the Straight owners can drive fast in the corners close certain driving habits, steps to strengthen the frame and no, but avoid cushioning system has not been ignored, put TEIN Super Compact series produced shock, but this is not the role of shock absorbers in cornering, but more is to allow the vehicle to have a stable body during acceleration, to cope After strengthening power. The most important thing is to create a comfortable driving experience.

86 Toyota gearbox strengthen Record

86, BRZ turbine technology is nothing new, GReddy's head hit the front after T518Z have appeared in a large number of independent domestic turbo kit, 6 cylinder 3.5 turbocharger there is a period of time, your 86 does not cover the following pieces of turbine you are embarrassed to open out. The original 86 is very high playability, good control of his already very good, turbo is a higher level of choice, we want to make good use of more easily. I will not speak to how high the requirements of driving, trespassing turbine has broken the balance of the original car, other parts of the vehicle will have a very high demand.
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