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Isuzu new mu-X styling exposed

Recently, the overseas media released a group of new Isuzu mu-X (internal code for the MY17) models of the notice video screenshots, the new car with a new design, at the same time, in order to meet overseas emission standards, the car will be loaded a new adjustment Of the 3.0T turbocharged diesel engine. The new car is expected to be launched in March this year. Appearance, from the leak of the picture, the new car compared to the cash in appearance with no small changes fit Civic EK Coilovers for sale, with a new LED daytime running lights headlamp shape, with thick chrome front grille trim, So that the front face looks more domineering.

Installation of wide-body process

Tires, due to the current basic maintenance of the original power, so do not choose a very wide size, front and rear wheels are 225/40 R18. I believe we will doubt that such a narrow tires can be installed to the 10J wheels? The answer is no problem, the normal inflation can be, do not need to use explosive or fried tire with a certain risk of this operation (if more narrow, then perhaps need).

Determine rim data

After determining the rim data, the next step is to calculate how much distance from the wide wheel eyebrow flush. Front wheel 10J + ET30, compared to 8.5J + ET32 will be a wide 21.05mm; rear 10J + ET22, compared to 9.5J + ET38 wide 22.35mm. In fact, there is a special calculation of the parameters of the gadget, we can click on the link into the collection about.

Japanese car engine is simple

So sometimes there will be a BMW high-tech electronic computer system is not as good as the Japanese front of a rod measurement accuracy of the situation, and the greater problem is that these electronic computer systems are BMW cars frequently into the plant repair one of the reasons, The so-called "small problems." (Real life: Even the warning lights of BMW's new car are lit up from time to time, but the irony is that there are times when there are no warnings about what is being reported and the problem comes from the computer that signaled it. Japanese cars on the other hand, the engine and electronic computer systems is relatively simple, and the application of new technologies fit

BMW and other German cars adopt new technologies

BMW and other German cars in the application of new technologies than Japanese cars more "aggressive" in the new technology market, the timing of BMW and other German cars are more keen to seize the initiative, even at the expense of some of the cost of reliability .

MKX consumer groups

MKX is more suitable for a traditional family concept of consumer groups, space, configuration, power, interior workmanship is easy to meet this part of the consumer demand, the same level of competitive products MKX is also a cost-effective products, although MKX is not a perfect But at this level in the MKX is indeed a value of the product, and never how much attention to details of the US Department of the brand in the car above also often through the details to bring me some small surprises, but the design is not enough Young will make MKX 80 points in the minds of many consumers to lose points. If there are cars and I like the needs of friends, strongly recommend to you this product.

7-seat MPV and SUV

In addition to safety seats and stroller, and now the baby carriage in order to meet the comfort of more and more generous, even if the baby carriage can also be folded over medium-sized SUV trunk, if you have to go to the supermarket shopping, buy things Can only rely on the plug, it is easy to damage the purchased items, so as a "person" sincerely advise you, like 2 to 3 years old baby friends strongly recommend that you buy a bigger car. Of course, some friends said that in accordance with this logic, 7-seat MPV and SUV is a better choice, good if the single from the space above to see the same level of seven MPV is indeed a good choice, but MPV can not take into account when you go out to play Wild about the impulse, compared to MPV as long as the road is not the limit, under normal c

444 the appearance of the American style by the impact

444 the appearance of the American style by the impact. Volvo in the car for the first time without a separate frame using the overall body. It is also equipped with laminated windshields, which is an important safety innovation. The car in the market once launched, it is very popular. Before the PV444 evolved to PV544, the output was changed from the initial planned 8000 to nearly 200,000.

Volvo introduced the PV444

PV651 and its successor PV652, than the previous Volvo cars are longer and wider. All four wheels come standard with four-wheel brake, mechanical brake (PV551) or hydraulic brake (PV652). In March 1930, Volvo launched the first specially manufactured seven taxis.

Wrap Like a King race

Body foil can be described as "a simple thing to do is the ultimate success" phrase famous example. Master film technology to create the body to change the color effect can be comparable to paint. So, who can be known as the "master"? This field of "Oscar" is undoubtedly the "film of the King" (Wrap Like a King) contest, the annual season, from all over the world body foil technicians will make every effort to offer creative and technically challenging film works . Competition with a heavyweight jury of the entries for professional assessment. Nick Caminiti, winner of Australia and New Zealand, won seven other regional championships at the SEMA show in Las Vegas from November 1 to 4 last year and won the title of "King of the World".
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