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The new Kelao proud of China special for the car

The new Kelao proud is a global car, took the lead in Germany and France and other European mainstream market landed in China, fully demonstrated Renault car on the Chinese market attach great importance.

In 2020 the entire department of BMW cars electric

With the gradual development of motor power to the motor, more and more brands announced their electric future. BMW recently revealed that by 2020 all its models will have different forms of electric powertrain. BMW CEO Harald Krueger said in an interview with foreign media, the BMW i3 and i8 is the starting point for BMW to electric, by 2020 all models of BMW will have electric powertrain. At the same time as a very sporty brand, Kruger also ensure that all electric cars will retain the original driving pleasure, the motor is only added to improve the pure driving pleasure. BMW's current addition to the i3 and i8, the 2 series, 3 series, 5 series, 7 series, X5 have already plug-in hybrid version, and BMW also launched iPerformance sub brand.

Lexus UX will replace CT

Lexus officially opened in October this year, the Paris Motor Show officially unveiled the UX concept car, positioning the entry level SUV is likely to replace the current sales performance of the general CT200h, according to foreign media speculation, UX production version of the fastest in the The autumn of 2017 release. Lexus CT as a luxury compact car, in the global market within the range did not achieve satisfactory sales, foreign media reports within the current Lexus and no intention to develop its direct replacement models.

Replacement models Ferrari 328 GTS come out

In 1985, the replacement model Ferrari 328 GTS come out, the new car continued by Pininfarina design, compared with the previous generation models wedge-shaped lines are more gentle, redesigned front, rear shape more round, cab ergonomic features Has also been improved. 328 GTS power system equipped with a 3.2-liter V8 engine equipped with electronic ignition system, the maximum power of 270 hp, matching 5-speed manual gearbox fit mk2 golf suspension, 0-100km / h acceleration time of 6.4 seconds, the maximum speed of 263km / h.

The birth of Ferrari 308 GTSi

Diluted sales led to Lamborghini declared bankruptcy in 1980, entered the liquidation process, the brothers took over by the Mimran Lamborghini has been reorganized, the new company was established in 1981. In the same year the Geneva Motor Show, Lamborghini brought Silhouette evolution version of Jalpa, the latter's name comes from a well-known bullfighting varieties.

LYNK & CO CX11 attention to detail

From the exposure of the interior spy photos, CX11's interior with a side of the pilot side of the center console design, refinement to the specific function of the partition, manual models and the previous exposure of the automatic vehicle models remain the same. The new car is equipped with fabric seats in the dashboard and air conditioning outlet and other parts of the design of the silver metal ornaments to enhance the sense of exquisite car; multi-function steering wheel equipped with cruise control, multimedia control and suspected voice control buttons, Taiwan is equipped with a larger size in the control of the big screen.

Audi A4L Special Edition officially listed

November 30, 2016, the new Audi A4L Special Edition models officially listed, the new car will be limited to 500 units. Appearance, the new Audi A4L Special Edition models body with white paint, and equipped with S line kit (including front and rear sports bumper, S line logo and the threshold bar). In addition, the new car is also wearing a new 18-inch five-spoke bicolor wheels, looks more with a sense of movement. Interior, the new interior will use black Milano leather and with the exclusive red from the Audi Sport belt and red contrast suture, and further enhance the interior movement style.

The biggest highlight of Volkswagen Teramont

If the Guangzhou Auto Show this year, the most eye-catching SUV, will definitely be the public Teramont, both in the media and professional public day of the public booth at all times surrounded by the media and consumers. This is located in the large SUV guy has a 5039mm × 1989mm × 1773mm body size, wheelbase is reached 2980mm, using the domestic production of it in this level which is a rare one. Interior, the public still did not give consumers too many surprises, the traditional design style looks familiar, but its biggest bright spot in the overall performance of the space, in addition to ample head space and the second Row of legs space, Teramont's third row performance is also very eye-catching.

Volvo texture is very strong

Seated in the car, fierce looks Volvo S90 luxury is clearly less than Mercedes-Benz E-class, Mercedes-Benz horizontal through the large screen is really too attractive. However, a closer look and gently touch, you will find the Volvo S90 interior texture stronger, especially the center console solid wood trim, matte texture is very strong, especially warm feeling. Sound, the two show cars are using the head of the audio brand, one is Baohua Wei Jian, one is the sound of Berlin.

The Chevrolet Zurich Z71 comes with an extensive selection

Speaking of American-style imported pickup, I think we first thought is the landing of the domestic market Ford F-150, Toyota smooth, Dodge Ram, which does not seem to GM Group, Bringing the two pickup models, namely the "large" Chevrolet Sauropod (Silverado) and the "trumpet" of the Crowd (Colorado), the future of the two cars are expected to visit the Chinese market. Today we take a look at what kind of Kurod is the pickup. In the United States not only three kinds of body size options, rich original accessories and trailer function can also meet the American consumers to do rough work, car travel needs, which makes it in the US market can be popular.
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