3 Series dress up 1.5T three-cylinder engine

In the final analysis, 3 series and C level, A4L and other luxury brands in the temperament of the medium-sized car is different, focus on the field is not the same. In the chassis adjustment, the BMW in the new 3 Series to continue to play the most convincing housekeeping skills, while the B series engine fuel economy has improved, the noise is lower, are interested in understanding the B series engine truth welcome to send door. Therefore, the new 3 Series 2.0T models S13 200SX coilovers gain a good market feedback is due, it is the most honest choice of consumers results. We also do not deny the 1.5T models poor sales of the fact that consumers honesty in the above sales data are clearly reflected (2.0T model is the main sales models). For this level of luxury brand consumer groups, only to highlight the identity of the entry model fit Toyota 2.0 turbocharger is a small number of buyers, most people will still have the power requirements (even the Mercedes-Benz C-class 1.6T four-cylinder engine is also difficult to climate), BMW Is to explore the consumer's little mind in the new 3 Series test the water on the new B series engine. So, what is the significance of the new 3 Series Dress Up 1.5T Triple Cylinder Engine? An annual revision of the model, cost a lot of time, resource development testing, re-match the engine fit audi tt turbocharger, gearbox, experienced a rigorous road test, its purpose is of course for the next generation of models to do a comprehensive innovation pave the way.