444 the appearance of the American style by the impact

444 the appearance of the American style by the impact. Volvo in the car for the first time without a separate frame using the overall body. It is also equipped with laminated windshields, which is an important safety innovation. The car in the market once launched, it is very popular. Before the PV444 evolved to PV544, the output was changed from the initial planned 8000 to nearly 200,000. 444 is Volvo's first small car, in the course of the development of Volvo, it is the car produced a substantial increase in production. In 1954, when Volvo fit Renault Avantime Turbo introduced a body made of glass fiber reinforced polyester convertible two-seat sports car, caused no small sensation. However, the car was not put into operation until 1956, after a lot of problems, in 1957 discontinued. At this point, production has been 67 (or 68). The original idea was that the car would only be used for export. The convertible is considered not very suitable for the Swedish climate fit Espace III Turbo. However, even so, most of the car or in the Swedish domestic market. The car is based on standard components, mainly Volvo PV444 components, but it uses a separate tubular frame. The engine is an improved version of the PV444's four-cylinder 1.4-liter engine fit Espace IV Turbo. A dual carburetor, a different camshaft, a larger intake valve and a higher compression ratio, the engine output of 70 bhp. In the early years of 1959, two years after the Volvo Sport was launched, Volvo introduced a new sports car made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester.