7-seat MPV and SUV

In addition to safety seats and stroller, and now the baby carriage in order to meet the comfort of more and more generous, even if the baby carriage can also be folded over medium-sized SUV trunk, if you have to go to the supermarket shopping, buy things Can only rely on the plug, it is easy to damage the purchased items, so as a "person" sincerely advise you, like 2 to 3 years old baby friends strongly recommend that you buy a bigger car. Of course, some friends said that in accordance with this logic, 7-seat MPV and SUV is a better choice, good if the single from the space above to see the same level of seven MPV is indeed a good choice, but MPV can not take into account when you go out to play Wild about the impulse, compared to MPV as long as the road is not the limit, under normal circumstances MKX can meet you. 7 SUV biggest inconvenience is the annual inspection of the 2-year, 5 is only 6 years of annual inspection, if the usual population is not a lot of home, 7 SUV is really not much use, not to mention a lot of 7 SUV if full of circumstances almost There is no trunk space. (If you have to say that they have a small car to open two baby is also very good I have no way, the above is only for consumers who want to buy luxury brands, space or brand tangled.) But after all, who will choose? Friends in the car in the process must refer to their own life plan, plan 5 years after the child's family, space is not necessarily your first choice, because then you are likely to children to change, then before the election Who all look like their own, as the last mentioned F-PACE, this car is suitable for high demands on the personality of consumers, take this car with the MKX chat price is clearly unreasonable, because the same price F-PACE configuration no way And the same price of MKX contend, simply said F-PACE for high-end young consumers to play a few years of play needs to meet the B grid and attitude, but the current F-PACE although listed soon, but has a larger discount, One can imagine the car's second-hand preservation rate relative to the MKX and GLC will not be so hedge.