Audi SUV models Q series was born

This generation of quattro mainly focuses on optimizing the coordination between the Centratic A-type central differential and ESP. Because it is Tuo Sen A type, so only in the manual transmission models. S4 and RS4 strong, I believe we have heard, with their quattro of course, is also dry goods. RS2 as the successor of the year, this generation RS4 output has reached 420ps, the same is still quattro, how to allocate this 420ps output, for quattro is no longer a problem. Audi SUV models Q series of birth, for quattro's "all-weather" personality has more requirements, the faster response to the Senson C-type differential, became the sixth generation quattro core. At this time Audi first introduced SUV models Q7, including the subsequent Q5, as SUV, for quattro "all-weather" features have more stringent requirements. For quattro itself, this is more like a return to the origin of the practice, because it is derived from the SUV, after a full evolution, once again return to the embrace of SUV, its performance is still excellent. A5 is Audi for the coupe market a successful attempt, including the subsequent Sportback, S5 RS5 are equipped with this quattro. RS5 output reached a new height (450ps), 100 km acceleration or even only 4.5 seconds, after the upgrade quattro, control this barbaric monster's travel and no problem.