The biggest feature of variable pitch spring

Because the two shocks brand cooperation B12 series does not correspond to C4 Picasso, so only their own by the Bilstein B6 + Eibach Pro-kit "Baby B12" sports suit shock absorbers. The biggest characteristic of the variable pitch spring is that the elastic response produced by different parts is different. When the small vibration is small, the diameter of the upper and lower ends is smaller but the number of laps is relatively dense. When the vibration is large, Division of labor in order to achieve a comfortable orientation of the full range of shock support effect. So in the choice of such variable pitch spring, the basic only one set, the only option is to carry performance, such as the corresponding C4 Picasso models are divided into two settings, corresponding to five models, the front load 1,100 kg, the rear wheel of 970 kg; and the corresponding seven MPV version of the product is to enhance the carrying capacity of the rear wheel to 1,185 kg, when ordering, as long as the model can be.