BMW and other German cars adopt new technologies

BMW and other German cars in the application of new technologies than Japanese cars more "aggressive" in the new technology market, the timing of BMW and other German cars are more keen to seize the initiative, even at the expense of some of the cost of reliability . In particular, BMW, which is always in pursuit of control performance and just developed a large number of technologies applied to automobile production fit Mercedes w220 airmatic pump, and then through market and consumer feedback to improve these are not perfect new technology, resulting in a higher failure rate, Said some of the straightforward, the failure of the culprit is the instability of new technologies. The second reason is the large use of poor durability of electronic and computer parts, which is the high failure rate of accomplice. Many people may disagree, but as long as you think about it is not difficult to find the problem fit Seat Ibiza EGR Valve. For example, a BMW car, how highly computerized it may be a lot of owners are very understanding, from the maintenance time, maintenance projects, oil and gearbox oil stock and the use of time and so on will be calculated by the computer and then display To the dashboard of the car, which of course can help those who do not understand, or do not form a good habit of car owners fit Seat Cordoba EGR Valve, but it can not avoid a lot of time there is a false positive omission of the situation.