BMW M4 GTS the strongest version

BMW M4 GTS BMW M4 family is the most powerful version of the power, equipped with a high-power 3.0L twin-turbo inline six-cylinder engine, maximum power of 500 horsepower, maximum torque 600N m, this engine is equipped with BMW's latest Water jet technology, can better enhance the engine power output, reduce the engine knock. In the field of six in-line engine, BMW is almost invincible. Strong momentum must cooperate with a clever transmission, so as to the performance of the engine to play out, BMW M4 GTS uses a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, to achieve 3.8 seconds of 100 km acceleration, speed up to 305km / h, Than the regular version of the M4 two-door version of the fast 0.3 seconds. Although all aspects of the BMW M4 GTS have been strengthened, but the price in the country is almost twice the regular version of M4, is someone willing to spend 0.3 seconds to spend a M4 money? If there is, G brother can only say, "This is true love." "We are working with Porsche to work on fast-charging technology," said Volkswagen CEO Mullen. "The breakthrough in electric cars is battery and charging, so we're working with Porsche on fast-charging technology." Porsche's fast charge technology uses 800V, 15 minutes to charge 80% of the battery power, an increase of 500 km battery life. But for now, this needs to be overcome a lot of problems in the I.D. future production models, should not fall to the black technology. In addition, I.D. also supports wireless charging, this, you look like.