BMW research of solid electrolyte batteries

Recently, foreign media reported that BMW is developing a more advanced lithium-ion battery, this battery will use solid electrolyte instead of the existing electrolyte, lighter, more secure, higher density. It is reported that the new battery production time or for 2026 years. The new battery will use solid electrolyte instead of the current lithium-ion battery commonly used electrolyte, this change fit Civic EM Coilovers can bring multiple benefits for the battery pack, such as lighter, lower risk of collision fire, while the same time, Battery capacity will also be 15% -20% increase. However, foreign media said that this solid-state electrolyte battery is still unable to mass production because it is exposed in the test of long-term use of poor reliability problems fit hayabusa 2008 rods, and thus the current state can not be mass production, the future is expected to formal Production needs to wait until 2026 to achieve. At the same time, BMW will continue to develop existing battery packs and traditional internal combustion engines, is expected to its traditional power products will continue to become mainstream in the next decade, but the hybrid models will gradually increase. Ian Robertson, director of marketing and marketing at BMW gt2871 turbo for sale, said: "The internal combustion engine still has a long way to go and we will continue to optimize its performance and achieve the integration of internal combustion engines and motors in different ways."