BYD S7's praise and complaints

From the BYD S7 data, the praise and complaints of the project there is a big controversy, including comfort and handling of the complaints have entered the top three complaints and complaints, for the two we will be in the following detailed analysis , And now we mainly take a look at the user's praise of BYD S7 space. User mouth giggle said: "space can be said to be huge, still slept a few times in the car, the middle seat a release, I 173cm head lying down a little pressure." As the owner said, BYD S7 body The size of the S6 on the basis of a further increase, the body length increased by 25mm, an increase of 40mm height, wheelbase increased by 10mm, and the increase in these data, the most direct performance is to enhance the interior space, edit previously Of the actual experience, the BYD S7 ride space also expressed satisfaction. In the complaining part, BYD S7 power system also has more to mention, which 2.0T automatic distinguished owners Plus Diaozhu left brother said: "starting meat, back meat, the meat, the light does not go the kind of roar Engine noise, such as diesel, low-speed driving a variety of noise. 2.0T engine did not play to the 2.0T engine power, of course, the only play to 2.0T engine level is the fuel consumption. "From the owner's evaluation point of view, BYD S7 2.0T engine equipped with weak power output, high noise and high fuel consumption is the most prominent of the three slots, although this 2.0T engine has a maximum power of 205 hp and 320 Nm maximum torque, the dynamic parameters and Not shabby, but the curb weight of 1810kg or weakened BYD S7 dynamic performance of the direct cause.