Corvette Grand Sport sports car model

Corvette Grand Sport based on Corvette to build lightweight, and suspension and other structures for a comprehensive upgrade, the engine uses a LT1 V8 naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power of 467 hp, matching a 7-speed Manual transmission (the field of manual car the most models), if too cumbersome manual shift, you can also choose an 8-speed automatic transmission. Corvette is also regarded as a model of the United States Department of sports car, has always insisted on large displacement self-absorption is its characteristics, with manual transmission, so that the car became countless fans dream car. Of course, G brother would also like to feel this primitive driving style. McLaren 570S is McLaren family entry model, why can become the best performance car? G brother think, buy McLaren people should understand this car engine it, whether it is entry-level, or the flagship of the P1, equipped with a 3.8L V8 turbocharged engine, just tuning different, so , On playability, entry-level enough. Although the maximum power of only 570 hp, maximum torque 600N m, but 100 km acceleration is only 3.2 seconds, this level has not started. I believe a lot of people on the McLaren's car is not cold, not only looks very similar, and even the whole engine is the standard with a paragraph, and the price is a huge difference, so G brother feel, can play these car people, On the performance of McLaren may be very powerful, but most still chose the strong horse (Ferrari) and the Bulls (Lamborghini).