Denso began to expand in the 1960s

In 1966, for the Denso company has a milestone significance, the continued growth in sales so that the electric has the courage to enter overseas, and because of the major US automakers market supply chain interest and more and more Japan Production cars exported to the United States, Denso has taken the first step in overseas, in Chicago and Los Angeles, respectively, set up a branch, which is Denso in Japan outside the first division. At the same time, the liaison office in New York and Montreal put into use, Denso began to layout the North American market. So in the mid-60s, Denso began to enrich their product line in the automotive automation, including electric seats and power windows of the motor, automatic door locks and mechanical cruise control systems have appeared in the Denso product catalog, From the birth of these products can be seen in the research and development changes in electrical equipment, and gradually began in the car with the results of comfort accessories. Denso products and the rapid growth in sales volume, especially in the late 60s, a direct result of Denso in the 60's decade sales growth rate reached 8 times, annual sales reached 90 billion yen.