Determine rim data

After determining the rim data, the next step is to calculate how much distance from the wide wheel eyebrow flush. Front wheel 10J + ET30, compared to 8.5J + ET32 will be a wide 21.05mm; rear 10J + ET22, compared to 9.5J + ET38 wide 22.35mm. In fact, there is a special calculation of the parameters of the gadget, we can click on the link into the collection about. It was about 20mm front wheel pad, the rear wheel is 40mm, the final for insurance purposes, I bought a 25mm front wheel flange thickness, rear wheel is 40mm. Also noteworthy is that the center of the original 86 wheel rim is 56.1mm, while the RS05RR the specifications of the center hole of the rim is 75mm, so you need to customize the flange with a ring diameter, the choice of domestic Huada And vertical days are very good products, and also with many racing team, the quality is quite fly. Of course, you can also choose to import products, but in terms of customization of the flexibility is not as strong, and the price is higher.