DS 7 debuted for the first time

DS 7 CROSSBACK first public appearance. February 7, DS 7 CROSSBACK in Paris, France, the world's first appearance, located in the compact SUV level DS 7 CROSSBACK DS brand is a new flagship model, the car based on PSA Group EMP2 platform to build the future will be the identity of the domestic Enter Chinese market. DS 7 CROSSBACK body size parameters for the long 4570 / wide 1890 / high 1620mm, size close to the average level of medium-sized SUV. The appearance of a typical legal system design style, the overall shape of the front has a strong brand recognition, in particular fit bmw x6 air suspension bag, a large area of the central air intake grille in the irregular bright border modification, to create a DS brand should be temperament, At the same time, the border of the three-dimensional and ductility gives the SUV models should have a sense of power. DS 7 CROSSBACK headlamps will be added to the LED adaptive vision system fit bmw x6 rear air suspension bag, automatically for different road conditions, speed to select the appropriate light intensity and range, a total of five lighting modes: parking, villages, towns, high-speed and bad weather environment. Through the vehicle to dynamically adjust the light and lighting distance for the driver, pedestrians to provide a more secure traffic environment. Reference to the previous official map, the overall pattern of the new car interior is still composed of a typical DS elements, cortical material covered by the addition of sophisticated suture needle processing, filling the French people in the high-end leather craft experience, the seat with a long history Watch watch technology concept. The new car offers six interior styles fit mercedes gl class suspension air bag. Into the car, dual 12-inch LCD screen will firmly attract your attention, the screen will also support MirrorScreen interconnection function.