Fuqi Qi Teng V60

Fuqi Qiteng V60 on November 8, 2016 (today) listed on the occasion of the listing we had the honor to carry out the car is an exclusive real shot experience, the new car based on Kai Teng EX80 platform to build, with a larger body size. New car to cater to the preferences of young people, the appearance of a more stylish design, the introduction of a variety of beautiful body color. Seattle models with 7 layout, seat flexibility, can meet the needs of people riding, you can say that the appearance of Qiteng V60 addition to the high color, there are pragmatic inner beauty. Kai Teng V60 has a more stylish shape and rich paint color, interior style is also quite sporty, but the shape of the vehicle inside and outside, more or turnip greens have something to love, good-looking like love . Configuration of the whole system of standard leather seats performed well, the second row of seats can be moved, the performance of the same level of flexibility at the same level, the power system of the book parameters have certain advantages, and other aspects of roughly the same level car. Price, the current 5-7 million pre-sale price advantage compared to competing products is not, after the listing of the market reaction remains to be seen.