Honda Tomato XR-V strong opponents struck

Many classic cars of the collective curtain call, no early Japanese performance car get rid of the rush of the rush, and now the model of the flat to make the conversion circle lost focus of the center, but still the retro pilgrimage of Asia. SUV models in the domestic boom unabated, Toyota RAV4 has lost a lot of battlefield, with the small SUV Toyota C-HR debut, is expected to 2018 domestic, Honda will be intellectual, XR-V, Mazda CX3 and so on a lot of impact , Toyota can recover lost land? The current reform fit Renault scenic 1.5 dci turbocharger of the car culture to the diversified trend of development, especially in the United States, Europe and Japan mature conversion market worthy of domestic authorities to draw on the development of appropriate policies and regulations is necessary. At present, the domestic conversion of small circle of popular, in some group activities under the promotion of the line, the modified culture has become orderly and healthy. With the continuous construction of the racing field, the track impreza turbocharger is becoming a fan weekend experience. Playing cars is a subtle change from the amount to the quality of the process, and the car is the car modification technology research and development and data collection test field, many products need to go through harsh conditions of testing, which is many foreign car companies keen to participate in racing to Enhance the performance of the brand DNA, and develop mass production to the civilian car market. In the green environment of environmental protection, fun models less and less, playing the car ring is not limited to play performance, wide body low lying is still popular hot spots. Different types of models Laser rods popular, SUV modified also began to surface. Toyota will be in 2018 made small SUV C-HR, Japan modified high heat, Dr. Car to take you to see the East hot index.