Hyundai Motor Korea factory

Today's modern Kia steady development, becoming the world's fifth largest car prices, second only to Toyota, Volkswagen, GM and Renault Nissan. In the Chinese market, Hyundai and Kia cumulative sales have exceeded 1.67 million, of which Beijing Hyundai sold more than one million. Hyundai KIA is a showcase of modern speed, and it is believed that the introduction of the Korean plant and the design / technology institute will give you a better understanding of Hyundai. Need to advance that, due to the visit to prohibit the whole shooting, this picture provided by the manufacturer, in part from the network, we will mainly through the text to share information points. This time we came to visit the Asan factory in Korea, but before the introduction of Asan factory, it is necessary to first understand Hyundai's global production network. After decades of development, today's Hyundai has established production bases in Korea, China, India, Russia, the Czech Republic, Turkey, the United States and Brazil, with a total annual production of 3.085 million units (official data). In Korea, Hyundai Motor's production base has three, respectively, in the state, Ulsan and Asan. The annual output of Jeonju Plant is only 6.3 million units, which mainly produces buses, trucks and special equipment vehicles. The Ulsan Plant is also the largest factory in the world. The annual output reaches 1.53 million units. Car close to 15 models, including the i30, ix35 and Equus and so on.