Installation of wide-body process

Tires, due to the current basic maintenance of the original power, so do not choose a very wide size, front and rear wheels are 225/40 R18. I believe we will doubt that such a narrow tires can be installed to the 10J wheels? The answer is no problem, the normal inflation can be, do not need to use explosive or fried tire with a certain risk of this operation (if more narrow, then perhaps need). The other is on the slow leak, at the present point of view no problem, and many drift team racing also used a large J-value wheels with narrow tires, since it can cope with high-intensity competition, Then down. At first in the wheels, torque flanges, tires have arrived after I excitedly put them all loaded into the car to see the effect, but the actual situation is a bit embarrassing, the whole body protruding a lot of wheels, a sense of inexplicable The joy of feeling. However, this attitude is not only ugly and in some potholes when the road is also easy to crash the body and tires, so after that I did not how much to open this car. Installation of wide-body process is actually nothing to say, as long as the Kaopi some of the modification shop or even repair shop can get (you want to DIY friends must be carefully considered, compare the ability to test hands). Also said that the original encircled in the bit will be slightly better than the version of the motherland, a higher degree of fit. Also cut the original fender, the original liner for the wide-body fender is not consistent, do not deal with it will not have too much impact, pay attention to the point you have to re-create a piece of lining.