"Iron battery" BYD forklift

Relative to the normal conditions, cold storage industry, low temperature environment on the operation of the material handling equipment has a more stringent requirements, cold forklift truck was once regarded as a technical gap between the industry. At present, the market fuel forklift pollution problems and lead-acid battery forklift "cold" problem, are severely limited the development of cold storage and storage transport. As equipped with low temperature "iron battery" BYD forklift, its high performance, low energy consumption and other characteristics of the cold chain industry to become the gospel. BYD forklift for low temperature environment for unique design and modification, the iron battery can still be used in the -40 degrees. With the first-class cold storage protection technology, detailed and safe design and function, excellent and efficient control and performance and improve the stability of the product and quality, BYD forklift to provide customers with high-quality cold chain material handling solutions, the real sense to fill the gaps in the industry, Harvested Mengniu, three whole food and a number of loyal users.