Isuzu new mu-X styling exposed

Recently, the overseas media released a group of new Isuzu mu-X (internal code for the MY17) models of the notice video screenshots, the new car with a new design, at the same time, in order to meet overseas emission standards, the car will be loaded a new adjustment Of the 3.0T turbocharged diesel engine. The new car is expected to be launched in March this year. Appearance, from the leak of the picture, the new car compared to the cash in appearance with no small changes fit Civic EK Coilovers for sale, with a new LED daytime running lights headlamp shape, with thick chrome front grille trim, So that the front face looks more domineering. New car front bar has also been redesigned, both sides of the fog lamp shape has changed. Interior, because this exposure is only one seat part of the picture, so we can not get more on the interior changes fit Civic EK Coilovers, but it is certain that the new car interior will have a more substantial upgrade. According to the news, the new car in terms of power will meet the European five emission standards, will be equipped with a re-adjusted 3.0T turbocharged diesel engine, the maximum power consistent with the previous, still 177 horsepower fit best coilovers for civic ek. The peak torque is increased by 50 Nm to 430 Nm. The new car is expected to be launched in March this year.