Japanese car engine is simple

So sometimes there will be a BMW high-tech electronic computer system is not as good as the Japanese front of a rod measurement accuracy of the situation, and the greater problem is that these electronic computer systems are BMW cars frequently into the plant repair one of the reasons, The so-called "small problems." (Real life: Even the warning lights of BMW's new car are lit up from time to time, but the irony is that there are times when there are no warnings about what is being reported and the problem comes from the computer that signaled it. Japanese cars on the other hand, the engine and electronic computer systems is relatively simple, and the application of new technologies fit Seat Arosa EGR Valve is quite conservative, and so often have to wait for the technology is mature, will launch the market. Especially exports to the international market products, new technology applications are often later than in Japan, some people think this is the Japanese will be the best for their own use, but my understanding is that they are more willing to take their own domestic market to do the test, But the international market is very cautious, will not take their international reputation and business (obviously the latter is more important) joke. For example, today, many Japanese cars still adhere to the use of a relatively low failure rate, the structure of the engine fit Audi A2 EGR Valve than the simple turbocharged natural aspirated engine to do the heart of the car, this behavior is the result of Japanese cars enjoy a very high The reliability and durability. In addition to differences in technology applications and concepts, there are differences in the substantive operational level. As we all know, the birth of the car to go through the design, testing, manufacturing three stages in the manufacturing stage, whether it is BMW or Japanese cars have a strong automotive industry base, manufacturing capacity and quality of the difference is not significant. Also in the development of links, whether it is BMW or Japanese cars fit 2.0D EGR VALVE also have a strong independent research and development and innovation, so the strength is also among the same. Therefore, the main impact on their reliability and lead to differences, in fact, the pilot phase.