Jazz ZS cultural attributes

From the history, a car to bring an example of the times is not uncommon, almost every country has been, such as the Ford T-car era, the public beetles era, but can go beyond the borders are recognized is not many. Now, the MG ZS carrying the Internet from the temporary difficult to say that it can change anything, but it is walking in the forefront of fashion, with the international aesthetic of the avant-garde models may be an indisputable fact. It can be said that this is Shanghai and then start the landmark products, regain the beginning of self-confidence. "MG is designed for young people to build the Internet car." SAIC passenger car responsible for the marketing of Yu Jingmin, deputy general manager in an interview with the media, said the car engine crankshaft, regardless of the value and performance and experience, are on behalf of the Now the young people on the pursuit of fashion, it can become a standard for young people. This is a rare expression. No rhetoric, there is no intense feelings, but rationally return to the product itself to elaborate on the positioning of the car and cultural properties. That is to say, SAIC passenger cars are now not playing the product, but playing the culture - through the product Turbocharger output or create a popular. Yu Jingmin said, ZS in Guangzhou Auto Show last year on the debut on the known as "net red", as the media exposed "star". He believes that people are not only concerned about the ZS, but the way of life has changed, for young people to provide travel convenience and fun easy "equipment", will become the next wheel on the mobile phone - the Internet mobile terminal. Yu Jingmin frankly said that the pre-sale of the four-screen original music and reality show I may not understand, but one-third of the read, the rest will generally understand. It's like the uncertainty of the Internet turbo suppliers uk, leaving a lot of space for iterations to be full of vitality, to keep innovating and embracing the future. With love at first sight, rush in Valentine's Day release this one hundred thousand yuan SUV pre-sale price in the fashion at your fingertips, who can have.