Jeep Wagoneer (SJ) is the originator of modern luxury SUV

In 1963 this year, Willys renamed Kaiser Jeep, and launched a high-end Jeep series, ignited the still prosperous SUV boom, but then there is no SUV concept. Wagoneer is also regarded as the originator of the modern luxury SUV. This revolutionary car, full of creativity, setting a lot of industry first, many of the equipment in the contemporary four-wheel drive is not over. It is the first four-wheel drive with automatic transmission, independent front suspension, automatic full-time four-wheel drive system impreza coilovers, equipped with the industry's first overhead camshaft straight six engines. At that time, GM, Land Rover to provide four-wheel drive, but also are pragmatic work car, interior, such as simple as a truck, and Wagoneer luxury makes it different. Its stylish style, let it popular favor, put into operation early to provide two-and four-door version. Two-door version was discontinued in 1968, and in 1974 changed its name to Cherokee back. In 1973, Wagoneer also introduced a subversive Quadra-Trac four-wheel drive system fit vw ignition coil. In 1984, Wagoneer and Cherokee's name was used on the smaller XJ series, for which the Wagoneer SJ series was renamed Grand Wagoneer. Grand Wagoneer provides more luxury equipment, such as leather seats, air conditioning, sound, the appearance of wood veneer, SUV was the benchmark for the market. It produced a total of 28 years, during which only a little technical fine-tuning. This should be a gorgeous Jeep transformation evo crankshaft, from the industrial and agricultural areas of the work car, into hunting, exploration, skiing, fishing and other recreational vehicles.