JeepCherokee (XJ) view

In 1970, AMC acquired Kaiser Jeep, according to their market research, compact SUV is the future trend, so they invested 250 million research and development of compact Cherokee and Wagoneer sports car. Its research and development by AMC and Renault jointly completed. It is smaller in size and weight than Wagoneer (SJ). The most important change is that it is no longer the use of traditional non-load-bearing body but light weight bearing body. It is the first two-wheel-drive system ignition coils for sale has two optional models: Command-Trac time-sharing four-wheel drive and Selec-Trac full-time four-wheel drive. It is excellent off-road capability and rich, convenient after-sales modification and popular. Before 1988, it was the only compact SUV to offer two-door and four-door versions. Initially equipped with engines of 2.5 liters and 2.8 liters, to 1987 put on a 4 liter straight six engine fit nissan 1.5 turbocharger. It is a four-wheel drive in the evolution of a crucial car, and gradually transformed into a large luxury car from the truck. Many of its competitors because of this car and began to pay attention to Jeep design. The car is listed on the United States by a number of professional automotive magazines as "Best 4WD", "the history of the best models", and generous words of praise, "it has the history of the best SUV modeling, from now on Become the vision fit Miata MX 5 Coilovers of all the designers.