MKX consumer groups

MKX is more suitable for a traditional family concept of consumer groups, space, configuration, power, interior workmanship is easy to meet this part of the consumer demand, the same level of competitive products MKX is also a cost-effective products, although MKX is not a perfect But at this level in the MKX is indeed a value of the product, and never how much attention to details of the US Department of the brand in the car above also often through the details to bring me some small surprises, but the design is not enough Young will make MKX 80 points in the minds of many consumers to lose points. If there are cars and I like the needs of friends, strongly recommend to you this product. As for the purchase before I introduced the Lincoln official price system is very strict control, so the basic no concessions throughout the year, consumers want to buy a car do not have to wait for the beginning of the year and the end of the two tide of concessions, and the benefits of less benefits is relative Used car price preservation rate will be high. The last maintenance found MKX oil pan oil leakage problem, because the Beijing Lincoln 4S shop only two, scooters are also very few, so there is no row to scooter, it has not been repaired, so this update does not involve Maintenance content. Fuel consumption, I use this time the total number of fuel divided by the total mileage traveled to obtain the average fuel consumption of 13.3 liters per hundred kilometers, and my GLK300 almost fuel consumption, from the owner of the above to see the average owner of 13.4L reputation per hundred kilometers.