Rayling Turbo's throttle pedal

Rayling Turbo's throttle pedal Displacement smaller and smaller engine, although more and more fuel-efficient, but will not open up more and more uncomfortable? In fact, small-displacement turbocharged engine can burst out of large energy. A variety of thermal efficiency to enhance the means, so that small T engine sparrow is small but fully equipped, power did not lose in the large displacement naturally aspirated engine. For example, recently experienced Raleigh Turbo, power stretches without delay. Depress the thunder clock Turbo throttle pedal, you can feel this D-4T engine and the general turbocharged engine fit Lexus IS300 coilovers for sale is not the same. Light step on the throttle, almost no turbulence, smooth natural sense of speed immediately hit the engine 1500rpm low speed state can reach 185Nm maximum torque, and can continue to 4000rpm; maximum power 85kW in the 5200rpm to 5600rpm speed range Continued to obtain, the overall performance beyond the ordinary 1.8L model level. The entire acceleration process seems to be completely out of the turbulent intervention or sense fit Lexus IS300 coilovers of frustration, with the general turbocharged engine "impatient" style is completely different. Can achieve such a power experience, thanks to D-4T direct injection turbocharged engine and S-CVT analog 8-speed super-intelligent gearbox to form the "TS platinum power combination." D-4T direct injection turbocharged engine with miniaturized turbocharger, in the daily traffic in the common low-speed range can also get a strong power output; and analog 8-speed S-CVT super-intelligent CVT fit Lexus IS200 coilovers with a unique Of the flexible locking control technology, power transmission more direct, significantly enhanced handling.