Rolls Royce repairer and build aircraft

Rolls-Royce in the repairer and the way of making the aircraft is full of experience, in 1906, Charles Rolls (Charles Rolls) and Henry Royce (Henry Royce) set up Rolls-Royce Limited Rolls-Royce Limited), the original just want to honestly repairer. Not want to encounter the First World War, the Government and the market demand, Rolls-Royce had to shift the main business to the aircraft engine. Later Rolls-Royce has been the aircraft car with both hands, until 1971, the operating loss of the Rolls-Royce company declared bankruptcy, the company's aviation and car business split. Rolls-Royce produced the "Rolls-Royce" engine acclaimed, Rolls-Royce car is changed hands after the final acquisition by BMW. Two people become a family, probably with them all have experience in making aircraft related to it. That time, China has several major micro-car factory, they are Changan, Wuling, Tianjin Dafa, Hafei and Changhe, Hafei and Changhe are among the army to civilian enterprises, the original are made aircraft. Micro-face in the past, Hafei and Changhe failed to keep up with the times, creating more in line with the trend of the models, from the king of the micro-face to the edge of the automobile manufacturing. And now almost no sound compared to Hafei, Changhe is lucky. Changhe aircraft business and car business split, Changhe Automobile into Changan, relying on the Big Dipper and other models still some sales.