Spring and shock absorbers work together

Unlike other models, the first and second generation of C4 Picasso are divided into five plates and seven versions, the front axle bearing are the same, are 1,100 kg, but the rear axle will be different, because the two car body length and The rear weight is different, since there are 90 kilograms of the difference, that spring is also different, when ordered to be clear. Finally talk about the driving experience it, before the replacement of the spring, with Bilstein B6 shock absorber with the original spring ran two or three months and about two thousand kilometers, are basically the daily urban road and highway-based, although In the support of the feeling of feeling very satisfied, even just for the time also sprout "is not no need to change the spring? So open is also very good" question, but the more open the more the problem, in fact, continue to replace the sports spring is necessary, Because in some need spring and shock absorber working conditions, the hardness of the spring can play a supporting role is not a single shock absorber can be competent, for example, some small body sinking after the rebound , Shock absorbers think of it, but the original spring can not support the body of the slow response half a beat, as the driver and ride people will feel uncomfortable, and now many people often hear those who edit the new car when the evaluation of what is soft Sex, in fact, this idea is wrong and wrong!