SQ7 power to the extreme

With a more powerful engine, larger rims, a rugged chassis, and a more beautiful design, these are the features of a sporty version of the SUV. The world's leading level and technology coupled with special electronic technology makes this car SQ7 power to the extreme. At the same time Audi in order to compete with Bentley Tim, in the vehicle mechanical design exhausted; the future of the Audi SQ5 they will also be designed. The external extra aluminum alloy decoration will be the movement of the vehicle atmosphere and body edges and corners reflected most vividly, one of the most representative is the high-performance sports version balanced turbo of the Audi car will be equipped with metal mirrors shell. The overall lower side of the vehicle, the air intake grille is also wrapped by aluminum alloy material, modeling more angular, all this makes the vehicle look more exercise. Audi for the vehicle standard LED headlamps, the test drive used by the matrix LED headlamps for the optional items, entry-level Audi Q7 equipped with xenon headlamps. Audi introduced 20,21 and 22-inch aluminum alloy rims, the test drive equipped with 21-inch rims 9.5J tires; metal brakes for the standard, consumers can choose carbon fiber ceramic brakes. The SQ7 turbo for after is equipped with a tail spoiler that is larger than the normal Q7 spoiler size. It may be larger than the introductory version. However, compared to the S Line version, I think they are in size. Bilateral four out of the diamond tail row and the rear of the rear of the vehicle diffusion plate aluminum alloy trim, the rear of the vehicle will enhance the effect of movement, in addition to the Audi as much as possible to the tail compression, so that the overall vehicle aftermarket turbo is even lower. All the signs at the rear of the vehicle can be chosen to be removed, but the SQ7 letter at the vehicle's intake grille can not be chosen to be removed, depending on the aesthetic of the consumer to determine whether they should exist.