Video that can glimpse the manufacturing process has arrived.Of frame less than two grams,rugged and flexible

Ray-Ban TECH│ Ray-Ban TechNew collection of carbon fiber sunglasses using the latest technology and innovationRay-Ban TECH Carbon Fibre Collection LaunchFrom Ray-Ban,Ray-Ban TECH Collection debut line "Carbon Fibre" of birth.While very lightweight frame,it is robust and flexible,attention in the durability of the height.Mosquitoes is one of the most advanced materialAdopt over Bonn fiberLighter than any material,was adopted carbon fiber,which boasts a high intensity "Ray-Ban TECH Carbon Fibre Collection".And a new category of Ray-Ban,which made full use of advanced technology with brandsIt debuted Te.Carbon fiber temples,made of reinforced polyester resin sheet 7 layers,five layers of the center mixes the special resin,since it is formed by compressing them into a thin sheet,keeping high strength.FurtherFor the over To-shaped carbon fiber is being cut with a jet stream of water,cut surface is realized smooth and highly accurate shape.This patent process,the frame (less than 2 g) very lightweight,sturdy,Flexible,and has as durable.In addition,to reduce the fatigue of the frame in which to adopt the mono-block (block type hinge) instead of welding the hinge to the front,to prolong the lifetime of important eyewear.To the special technology of Ray-BanAll Accordingly enhanced processed lens,which has passed the impact test,known to the multiplying impact?
Nike Air Max 2015 FlyknitFalling ball test? A lens by dropping a steel ball having a diameter of 16mm from a height 1.27m,more hydrophobic? Lipophobic processing decoratedIn order that the lens is permanently,it is protected from water and oil substances,such as sweat and fingerprints,and an ideal lens for sports and outdoor activities.Ray-Ban TECH Carbon Fibre Collection,the lens from two types of glass and plastic,can select Green,Brown,from the three colors of the mirror gray.Looking back to 2009,to talk about 2010Debut line of Ray-Ban TECH Collection was born from Ray-Ban "Carbon Fibre".Video that can glimpse the manufacturing process has arrived.Of frame less than two grams,rugged and flexible,resistantIt's excellent in durabilityRay-Ban's most advanced collection,wrap Temple of Ray-Ban TECH Carbon Fibre Collection is made of reinforced polyester resin sheet of seven-layer made of carbon fiber mixed with resin,In order to manufacture very slim Temple,each sheet is cut with a water jet.Flex bridge is snugly fit into any face shape,hinge,because not subjected to welding to the front frame,and increase durability,it is succeeded in to show more beautiful sunglasses curve.Unconventional sunglasses to be used as an accessoryAlso it is coming summer heart dance.Sunglasses's what was originally designed to protect the eyes from ultraviolet (UV),it is often used as a fashion item nowadays.More particularly thin Western people with eye color,relatively strong brown eyes of Japanese to sunlight would be the trend is strong.To would have of course some people to focus on functionality,some priority people the fashion.
ray ban sunglassesIt does,what We cracking apply in any case should be a stylish.OPENERS is to propose a functional sunglasses in unconventional can also be used as an accessory.So,we will deliver the feature of sunglasses that combines fashion and functionality.From the royal road brand seasonal eyewear brand,and until the luxury brand of sunglasses,sequentially large public.It's your choice is found Husband you.Milan Fashion Week which took place in June,sometimes the sun is strong and blessed with the weather,fashionistas have been apparent much to sunglasses.And they to had in common,in addition to that the fact that UV cut,thing sunglasses had melted into styling as an element of fashion.The hang of course,you can put on the forehead,you can insert into a jacket pocket,and that use the sunglasses as an accessory,it seemed like common Basso? Kontinuo = basso continuo is flowing.So,sunglasses for them with a gear to protect the eyes from UV,he such indispensable element also as accessories.Of course,the Italian fashionista is not a global standard.But,there will be something to emulate in the fashionable style.To suit each style,besides ......that claims the glamorous personality is multiplied by the matched sunglasses.So,it is choosing the unconventional sunglasses that can be used in accessories sense,'s a shortcut to complete the offered at style of this summer.
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