Violent conversion of the wide-body Raoens cool

Although the Lauren cool has been discontinued, but as a civilian sports car, Lauren cool is still active in the various conversion party, this period for everyone to bring a violent conversion of wide-body Raoen Si cool. Since it is a sports car, handsome pull the appearance of the wind is essential, and this Lauren cool cool modified LB wide body kit, and replaced the ARK front and rear bars, looks murderous. Speaking of pulling the wind, scissors door open way is absolutely essential, and LSD scissors door components are also more mainstream modified parts fit Golf gti 1.8 turbocharger. Walking system, upgraded the 19-inch forged wheels, and modified the first six rear four brakes of AP Racing. Control, modified Taiwan SF twist shock, as well as the whole car balance kit. Tail, the carbon fiber track big tail is very exaggerated, with wide body surrounded, racing taste full. Power section, this Lynes Cool installed a Gerrard GT25 ball big turbo fit Renault clio turbocharger, but also modified the force of the fire, HKS octave spark plug, 600CC injector and other accessories, and upgrade the CMD plug-in computer, proofreading Instant pressure 1.8Bar constant pressure 1.6 program, the final power from 260 horsepower to upgrade to 415 horses. Interior, full of red leather full of tricks, but in the control of the Tesla large screen also eye-catching fit E46 Control arms, and because of the changes in the power more, at any time to monitor the situation of the vehicle D1 triple table also indispensable.