Volkswagen Teramont view

Volkswagen recently released the news, its new SUV models - Teramont will be officially listed on March 22, the price is also "Leakage" was exposed in advance on the Internet. Coincides with the public version of the way the line - the big step X7 will also be listed on the date of March 22. Whether it is intended to be or it is a coincidence, anyway, this time Li Kui and Li Gui is the same year the same month the same day. There is nothing to say in the appearance, like the place like. But because of the big step X7 reference is the CrossBlue concept car, and the road is in the CrossBlue concept car to be based on the perfect production model, so compared to the big step X7 more like a semi-finished products, and the way in the details of the way It is more mature. Although the appearance is quite similar, but the road and the big step in other aspects of X7 in fact there is not much relationship. First both are completely different in size positioning. Big step X7 positioning for the medium-sized SUV, and the road is located as full-size SUV. Thanks to the great plasticity of the MQB platform, the size of the road or even all-round more than "Big Brother" Teramont.