Volvo S90 Nordic style

Interior design, as a long-wheelbase version of the new car is characterized by the biggest increase in the rear space, in addition to its overall design and import of S90 exactly the same, simple design supplemented by grain and leather package, the overall Highlighting the Nordic-style sense of luxury, while the center console using large-size LCD screen, but also further enhance the vehicle's technological sense. Compared to the S90, Volvo S90 T8 long wheelbase honors version of the three models focus on the rear passenger's ride experience Lexus IS200 Damper CoilOver, the new car main concept of the car office, the abolition of the co-pilot seat, and rear passengers with a very large ride space . The rear of the new car is equipped with a number of office facilities, including folding small table board and computer stand, etc., to create a luxurious office atmosphere. Configuration, depending on the configuration of the new car will be equipped with automatic anti-glare rearview mirror, keyless entry, automatic parking Mazda RX7 coilovers, Nappa leather seats, electric seats, front and rear seat heating, panoramic sunroof, rear sunshade and manual Four air-conditioning and so on. Power, the new car will be equipped with 2.0T four-cylinder engine and provides two power options, including T4 models maximum power of 211 horsepower; T5 models maximum power of 282 horsepower, and the current mainstream luxury cars provided by the power the same. Transmission Mazda RX7 Damper CoilOver, and the engine will match the 8-speed manual transmission.