Zotye Z700 model positioning

Zotye Z700 models are positioned as medium and large vehicles, relying on the 3-meter-long wheelbase and more than 5 meters of the car length, the front and rear space are not lost Audi A6L, BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-class extended version, Knee space. Whether home or business car, the more spacious the car more lovable, from this perspective, Z700 owners will obviously have more face. People to large for the United States is a consensus, domestic models as much as possible to enhance competitiveness is also an effective means of one of the large ZTE Thai Z700 body, large space, big posture, and even Audi A6L more luxury car, look at the same level is absolutely Unique. With cost-effective and close to the people line, Zotye Z700 from the listing of its sales all the way higher, undisputed to become the Chinese brand of high-end car's new "overlord." In fact, Z700 reason why people feel value for money, is to read the heart of the people. Z700 has a large sedan in the size and high passerby appearance and interior style, providing a large sedan or even luxury car configuration, but the price down to 150,000 yuan or less. To the luxury car color and configuration to seize the consumer, this is a very easy way out, after all, "a face child" is the majority of Chinese car buyers demand, cost-effective users are extremely concerned about the purchase experience.