Gold thin Temple and classic lens color,A unique combination of camouflage pattern is it distinctive

If you glasses specifications Oakley sports model with clear lens,it can surprise the breadth of its field of view.It is also a different way of enjoying of Oakley sunglasses?

◎ PurpleAt the same time it is possible to produce a sense of transparency and warm,is a feminine color

Adjacent to each other in the color wheel,a combination such as "red and orange," "yellow and yellow-green," "blue and blue-violet" refers to the similar colors,it is a good chemistry.On the contrary,opposing "red and blue-green," "yellow and blue-violet","blue and orange" is referred to as complementary color? Opposite color to each other,it is a difficult color to combine.◎ achromatic color is easy to coordinateThe achromatic color,it is the generic name of "black" and "white","color it was possible to fit mix them (gray)".The gray,there are a variety of concentration.This is achromatic color,because there is a beautifully show the effect of other colors,it will be said to be easy to coordinate with any color.Also,when combining the complementary color?

Taiwan-bin personality characteristics

As a SUV, Bin-chi changed to "low-lying Fan" will look like? Put in front of the Taiwan-bin modified car gives a clear answer. Its almost lying on the ground of the front, almost completely blocked the front tires, with a lovely atmosphere in front of the background with a backdrop, giving the feeling is very special. In fact, the original plant's design has been quite good, stylish, seductive and engaging, in line with the taste of young people. In contrast, the smart modified car is a relatively more personalized features, low lying posture makes it look like a large five hatchback hatchback.

Honda Edison modified EDDYSTAR air filter

Bin Zhi is a young, stylish, dynamic small SUV, the car is 1.5L version, the owners choose to modify the air filter (that is, we commonly known as the style) is mainly to choose a simple and effective way to make this car Of the horsepower and torque have a certain upgrade! Intake air separation is the first barrier into the air. Therefore, the choice of how the wind will be a direct impact on the conversion into the combustion chamber air, if the outside air impurities have not been effectively filtered, then the engine efficiency will be greatly reduced.

Do you like the Air Jordan XXX1 “Banned” ?

Jordan Brand has shown Air Jordan XXX1 Banned for getting somewhat experimental when it comes to premium editions of the 4th Air Jordan silhouette. We’ve previously seen pony hair and snakeskin materials on the always popular Jordan legacy model; now the shoe gets a quilted leather upper in a tonal Obsidian shade.

New Jordans 2017 Air Jordan 12 Black Nylon

Today we get a look at the New Jordans 2017, which is set to drop sometime this Winter. The Air Jordan 4 “Wheat” comes rocking a rather iconic and unique rendition of the classic kicks.The design is the same, this time around though rocking a Timberland workboot like appeal throughout the upper. The design gets ride of the traditional netting on the side panels, while offering up minimal perforations along the leather upper.

Iron gray Lamborghini Gallardo film body

This year's Geneva Motor Show (Geneva Motor Show) among entrained new look of Lamborghini Gallardo successor cars Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 debut officially Gallardo cars on the market a decade feats under the plan period. Looking back, in 2003, the debut of the Lamborghini Gallardo was in shock caused no less now Lamborghini Huracán brings commotion, and so that the public is difficult to be sure, whether the new Lamborghini Huracán like Gallardo in general, in the market fighting a decade?

The world's limited 50 Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Squadra Corse

Before successor cars Lamborghini Huracán not been published, the original version in late 2013 on behalf of the Gallardo-based, to create a lightweight version and Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Squadra Corse resorted to a limited quota of 50, where 15 is determined to the United States, 3 to Canada, while others are located in all major cities around the world.

I such that glasses to hang in the hope that changes in appearance.Because so far of glasses it had been used

Also it is cool silver necklace that glimpse.Among the Frogskins of Oakley (Oakley) (frog skin) has become mainstream in the celebrity as everyday use of fashionable sunglasses,Zach? Efron (Zac Efron),such as Holbrook (Holbrook) and Dispatch (Dispatch) situations and Fashion sunglasses wish that suits are good feelings!?The last of the world of celebrity x Oakley (Oakley) series of articles See also to match!

California has captured seven of the legendary moment,each of the photographs again take down the one

Pilot for sunglasses,which was completed through the years of 6 years to complete,it is equipped with the famous green lens in teardrop shape as Ray-Ban?
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